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We Recommend this state park if your considering a wedding in Destin and your not staying at a condo which allows this opportunity. This beautiful park offers plenty of parking and the area is reserved especially for the event.  The cost and arrangements will be at your expense but its worth the cost. One big reason for this is the lack of parking available throughout the Destin area...

Park Event Agreement download and price list

BEACH WEDDINGS on Henderson Beach State Park
Beach Area Set Up Fee is for the park to reserve an approximate area of 50’ by 50’ on the beach for a ceremony. The beach will be marked with signage indicating the area is reserved for an event. The area is reserved for a (3) three hour time period and must be completed prior to sunset. The specific location of the reserved area is tentative and open to change that best suits the needs of your event. Please keep in mind that the park will be open during your event and there will be guests at the beach, on the boardwalks and throughout the park. We are only able to reserve the specified area on the beach for the ceremony. ** The fee does not include entrance fees into the park for client, guests or vendors**
A refundable deposit is required for all events in case of damages, overages of pre-paid guests, unsatisfactory post event cleanup, use of prohibited items or overtime use of the park. Deposits will be issued within 14 business days of event.
Park Entrance Fees can be pre-paid in advance based on the approximate number of guests attending. Please include any vendors, florists, officiant, rental companies, and caterers in your total estimated count for entrance fees. Refer to entrance fee schedule.
Weather changes may occur for your beach ceremony. We suggest reserving a pavilion during the same time period as your ceremony. The fee is non-refundable and will reserve the pavilion from other guests if needed in the event of rain or weather changes.
Rehearsals may be scheduled for your event and are based on availability. The fee includes reserved area on the beach for (1)one hour and entrance to the park for up to 12 guests.  Rehearsal must be scheduled and completed prior to sunset.
Pavilion Reservations are available during normal park hours. The Pavilions are also available for scheduled After Hours Events from 4:00pm until 10:00pm. (Additional Park staff is required for After Hours Events and additional fees apply) 

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